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Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

FunPay reserves the right to Amend the Terms and Conditions , Cash back, referrals, Coupon Codes at anytime without any prior notice.

Please refer to the Terms and Conditions before utilising any of our service.

  1. Overview Of the FunPay: FunPay works mainly on the Affiliate Marketing system. When a User makes a qualified purchase from FunPay to our Affiliate partners, FunPay receives a commission from that purchase, and part of that commission amount will be shared as a cashback to the user. FunPay Head Office is Located at Bangalore, Karnataka. The terms and conditions gives you complete information regarding the FunPay policies.

Any Queries regarding the terms and conditions and privacy policy, please feel free to mail us at

  1. Eligibility: To use FunPay services, the user must fulfil the following conditions:
  • Must be At least 16 years of Age.
  • Should not previously suspended or deactivated the user account either by FunPay or the User.

If the above conditions did not met, then user cannot register to the FunPay

  1. Accounts and Registration : To use our Additional Customized Services, you are required to register on the FunPay web portal. When you register you agree
  • You gave accurate and complete details about yourself.
  • Maintain your information from time to time if there is any change in Mobile Number, Email Address, Postal Address etc.
  • Maintain and Secure your the username and password and other credentials wherever it is required.
  • To Enable Cookies option in your Browsing page.
  1. Limitations on User Accounts : One user should not have multiple user accounts. One mobile number cannot be associated with Multiple accounts. If  User attempts to create multiple accounts with a single number , the user will be implied by FunPay that they abused the service.
  2. It is strictly prohibited for a single person creating multiple accounts with different mail-ids and or mobile numbers. If we suspect such behaviour, we will block such accounts and all the earnings will not be paid without any notice. Also whatever offers we are using,
  3. Information of Personality: FunPay has the right to use or disclose the personal information of the user in order to :
  • Respond to user queries.
  • Exercising the Legal Rights.
  • Investigate the suspected fraud.

When FunPay is involved in a merger , acquisition or sale of some of its portion , we will intimate user through E-Mail or Some other medium. If any change in the ownership, your personal information may be disclosed to the merged entity.

We never sell your personal information to the third parties, who are not affiliated with the FunPay, except in the situation of sale or merger.

  1. Other Information we use : We also track Information on our partner websites you visit, the purchase you made. This is to bring most customized offers to our customers.
  2. Interactive Information : Interactive information includes the Social networking, Blogs, Ratings or Review functions. FunPay is not responsible for these types of information that users get attracted. Users can use this information at their own risk. By using interactive service, user agrees not to post, upload, Disseminate personal data of any user. FunPay will not take any title to the interactive information, complete risk will be titled by user.
  3. Cashback :FunPay cashback programme allows users to receive cashback on all their purchases made through its affiliate websites from

User can verify the percentage of cashback he is going to receive from the purchase made through website. is not responsible for any change or removal of programmes on its affiliate websites.

User Must have enable the Cookie option in order to receive the cashback.FunPay is not responsible for tracking problems , when User purchases a product from our affiliate sites by Disabling cookies option. Strictly,user won’t be Eligible to receive the cashback.

If the user visit other stores without making a purchase , and if the same user makes purchase at some other time, won’t count it as a affiliate sale and FunPay cannot be associated with that sale. User may not receive the cashback if he done the purchase without associating it to FunPay website the User might not earn the cashback.

The cashback will be credited into the Users account within 30 to 60 days , However our Affiliate partner should confirm your purchase and the movement receives commission from our partner, the commission received will be given as a cashback to the user. In the event of cancellations or Returns of the orders or services , cashback will not be credited to the user.

FunPay will only work as a Affiliate to its partners. So, we won’t give any guarantee or warranty to the product. All the product or Service related Damages, Losses, defectives will be Liable between the User and our Affiliate Partner. Touchindia won’t carry any Title to the Product or Service.

  1. Referrals and Rewards : 
  2. We encourage the user to refer their close friends and relatives to install app or to register on website to use the website and app in a decent manner.


    It is strictly prohibited to refer the users in mass like posting on any blogs, facebook or whatsapp groups to reach the large number of people just for the sake of getting lot of referral bonus.  Referring to the limited quantity per day a maximum of 10 users is acceptable. More than 10 in number will be treated as mass promotion and is strictly prohibited.

     If at all you want to promote the app or website with your or any referral code, you have to take literal permission from team and should get email confirmation from us at email id: 

    In case we notice that any user is doing such mass promotion without our approval through mail on any blog, website or any social media or any other channel, we have complete rights to block your user id as well as block your whole referral network and also we will remove all your referral bonus and also joining bonus to all users in your referral network without informing you. Also we will take legal action against you for such prohibited activity.



Referral Amount may change from time to time. Our company has all rights to change the benefits of Signup bonus or referral bonus and next level referral bonus or any other benefits without any prior notice.

Payment verification is mandatory to earn the rewards, If the user Do not verify , then the Reward amount shall remain as the property of FunPay.

FunPay is not responsible for any events from receiving the Referral Bonuses. Events May Include:

  • Error made by your friend during Sign up process.
  • Self-referrals
  • Referrals from the same Physical Location.
  • Multiple Accounts with the Unique mobile Number or Vice versa.

If User Believes that Cashback and Bonus are not Accurate to his/her Account, Its the responsibility of the User to Contact FunPay, and he should submit his response in no earlier than 7 days and No later than 60 days relative to the time of transaction made.

  1. Online Coupons : FunPay utilizes commission based affiliate marketing from our Affiliate network. FunPay provides online coupons, and Information on Deals s a free service to the Users. The User has the Complete responsibility to Crosscheck our Affiliate Partner Website at the time of checkout. FunPay is not responsible for the inaccurate coupon codes, unsuccessful deals.

All Coupons, Deals, Sales deals are subject to change from time to time, FunPay has no legality in this aspect because, Affiliate merchants has complete Attorney over the deals, Coupons etc. FunPay cannot guarantee that the coupon or deal will work at the merchant website. Any Losses, Damage , Expenses due to the Merchant should be completely waived by the user and Partner Merchant, FunPay does not have any legal relationship with these partner transactions.

  • Once you successfully purchase the Gift / Shopping voucher,It can not be reverted back.
  • You can not use partial amounts of Gift / Shopping vouchers.
  • Ex : If you purchase a Gift / Shopping voucher worth of 50 Rs,you have to use that whole for one transaction.
  1.  Disclaimer : All Contents  of FunPay including Parents World, Health World, Travel World, Food World, Children World, Women World, Cooking World is provided for the Information purpose only. FunPay never Neither Endorse these Content nor Warrant that the Content is reliable, Accurate, Effective. Always consult a Medical Practitioner Regarding the Health and Mental Conditions before using any product or drug.

The Services and Content available through FunPay are provided through “As Is” and “ As Available” basis. FunPay is not responsible for any type of warrants either Express warrants or Implied Warrants, including but not limited to the implied warrants of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and Non-Infringement.

We will Acknowledge that User read the information provided in the website is solely at his own risk.

  1. Warranty :  FunPay Does not Warrant, Guarantee or Ensure :
  • The Quality of a Product or Service offered by the Affiliate Partners.
  • Coupons, cashback, given by the to be accepted at our Affiliate Partners Websites.
  • Coupons , Cashbacks, and price shown on website are Correct.
  1. Limitation of Liability :  FunPay and its Licensors are not liable for any Direct, Indirect, Special or Incidental Damages arising from the use of Website. As per the Information technology Act, 2000, websites, its servers and E-mails sent from FunPay are free from viruses and other harmful components.

FunPay is not liable to the Defamatory, Offensive or Illegal conduct of other users or Third Parties and the Risk of Injury is Totally liable with the user. Sometimes when using our services, user may purchase a service or product sold by another company or any Third party, FunPay will not be liable with these types of purchases.

If you are dissatisfied with any of the Contents of the website or Do not agree with the terms and Conditions, policies of FunPay, We kindly Request you to Discontinue our services.

  1. Indemnity :  As per the Law you agree to Defend, Indemnify and hold FunPay Its subsidiaries, Affiliates and other parties like Employees, Officers, Directors, Agents etc. Harmless from any Claim, damages, Enquiries, Liabilities, Losses, arising out from the use of our service,
  2. Copyright  : All Information, Data, Content and Materials available in the FunPay website and also the Logo, Text, Designs , Documents, Graphics, Video Files, and all files are the Sole Properties of and all these are protected  by Copyright Law.
  3. Use of our Service : If you agree with all these Terms and Conditions, FunPay grants you the service of Limited Personal, and Non-Commercial use of our website. The service is only for your personal use and not for resale or for further distribution. The license can be amended from time to time.

User should not authorize or permit third parties to:

  • Modify, Decompile, Translate or make derived work from it.
  • Rent, Lease for the access to the service.
  • Disable any security or Technological features .

You agree that you use our services , only if

  • You are not posting any unlawful images or products.
  • You are not posting material that make disruption to the society like Religious, Racism, Caste, Lifestyles.
  • You will not post any product or images in the wrong category.
  • You will not create spam by posting multiple times.
  • You will not post the material containing, viruses, Which causes Harm to the Entire System.
  1. Intellectual Property : You Acknowledge that all the Copyrights, Trademarks and all other Properties are owned and Licensed by Copyrighting the material on websites is Illegal and the User should not Copy, Distribute or Create any derivative work unless FunPay Licensed to do so.
  2. Communications from Touchindia : By Signing up, you agree to receive promotional communications from via SMS,app notifications and email. However, you can opt out of receiving E-Mail by:
  • Visiting your Account Page and Clicking the Unsubscribe Link.
  • Clicking the Unsubscribe link in any of the E-Mail sent to you.
  1. Termination of Services : FunPay has the right to modify or discontinue its services at any time with its sole discretion. If you are Dissatisfied with our service , Kindly close your account. You agree that FunPay will not be liable to you or other parties for any modification, Suspension or Termination of the Services.
  2. Changes in Terms : We have the right to change the Terms and Conditions from time to time without any consent through mail or newsletter. FunPay will modify terms and conditions if there is any modifications in the product , service, cashback, deals, coupons offered etc. All Inclusive Nothing Excluded.
  3. Affiliates : FunPay services contains the third party contents which is the major revenue to the FunPay. We always takes commission from the third parties for the qualified transaction from the user, and credits user with cashback on successful transaction on the Affiliate Websites. Touchindia never takes title of the product purchased from these Affiliate Partners if there is any damage, loss, warranties will not be considered by FunPay. FunPay never Endorses if any provision of this agreement is found Invalid or Unenforceable by law. The provision will be Enforceable to the maximum extent possible and other provisions remain same according to the agreement.


The Entire Agreement Contain Two Entities

“ we , us, our” Resembles the FunPay Website and FunPay Application.

“ You , User “  Resembles a Legal person who have the right to access our services.

For any queries related to the FunPay terms and Conditions, Kindly write us at




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